Clementine, 2020

Clementine, 2020

Edwina White
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acrylic, pencil and collage on paper,

un framed 14 1/2" x 20" | framed 25 1/2" x 20"

Send a photo of your space to and we will photoshop this piece into your home for you

Edwina White Biography

Edwina White is an Australian artist living in Brooklyn, New York.
Playful yet spooky, the faux-innocent art brut method preferred by Edwina White not only makes for compelling images, but also invites the viewer to search them for hidden meanings. White revels in being swept up by the challenge of making her ideas concrete.   

After juggling illustration with writing, performance and teaching visual communications at her alma mater, Ms White held a solo show in Sydney. It included 52 original works and a limited edition set of playing cards. 52 Pick Up was then featured in Time Out, NY 1999 which encouraged her move to New York. Her debut solo show Across and Down, based on NY Times crossword puzzle, brought her gallery representation.

Her most recent solo show A Beautiful Complication heralded a significant change of life. With that came fresh work in the field of special projects, where fine art and design merge, as with her latest venture the Little Darlings iPhone app. Edwina's most recent animation can be seen in SEMBENE!, a documentary that featured in 2014 Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals then worldwide.

Her artwork appears in the collections of Missoni, Sting, Beth de Woody, Zadie Smith, The Hayward Gallery and Ballroom Marfa. Edwina's award winning illustrations have been profiled in Print, Creative Review, Varoom, Taschen and Fashion Illustrator (Laurence King).

Edwina lives in an old knitting factory with her beloveds, Mr Valentine and their wee daughter Frances Wren.