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Victor Reyes - Untitled

Art Division
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dry-point etching, edition 15/20
14 1/2 x 11 in.
36.8 x 27.9 cm

In 2010, Dan McCleary founded Art Division, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing youth aged 18–25 with accessible,  affordable arts training and academic support from working artists, filmmakers, writers, educators, and other professionals.  Located in the low-income, predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods surrounding historic MacArthur Park, Art Division is also committed to local engagement and building a thriving arts cooperative within the community, presenting exhibitions, public lectures, film screenings, and special events throughout Los Angeles. In 2014, the 5000-volume Art Division Library opened for students, artists, and the community at large.

Victor Reyes
I am a native of California, though I spend time also in Michoacan, Mexico. My work is more psychological than anything -- I see it as an internal journey moving through space using the materials described above to reflect my inner struggles. It’s an exploration of the moment - in an attempt to find harmony in my surroundings, and to create a balance between man-made objects and nature. Through my work, I also seek to calm the soul to create the condition(s) to understand the needs of my internal world. I strive to make connections with the world and create equilibrium within myself. My goal is to make art that is personal and transformative."