Lone Aspen, Ophir, Colorado

Lone Aspen, Ophir, Colorado

Carl Marcus
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Pigment print
42 x 51 in. (framed)
106.7 x 129.5 cm. (framed)

Marcus’ passion for photography is inherent. After working in and around the media for most of his life, it was seeing a friend’s exhibition of multiple exposures images that reignited his drive to create.

“People want to look at the earth or relate to it in some way. That’s why most live here.”

Carl Marcus moved to Telluride in 1978. Marcus’ Kaleidoscope series, featured in this exhibition, represents the culmination of decades of image-making. Carl spends at least six months of the year alone in nature, photographing what he sees, often creating majestic landscapes. “When I look at a rock, or a flower, or a cloud,” he recently observed, “it seems to have an immensity, a power to it that stops time.” He possesses the resolve to wait for the right shot, to recognize it when it presents itself — and the skill to transform it into an image of brilliant color and extraordinary grandeur. “These are landscapes taken in the backcountry that I mirror, twice,” he said. “I was trying to create interesting designs, or combinations of their intersections.”

In making this body of images, which he has worked on for years, he went back through his own archive, reviewing and manipulating photographs originally made using traditional film or digitally, to create the mirrored, repeating, and compelling kaleidoscope effect. Iconic and recognizable landscapes become ruminations on color and form. Carl is well known not only for his Kaleidoscope images but also for his portraiture, landscapes and anthropological photography essays.