Krista Harris
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Acrylic, oil, crayon, plaster, porcelain slip, and charcoal on canvas
60 x 58 in.
152.4 x 147.3 cm

A career level artist whose gestural, abstract paintings are richly layered with mark and medium, Krista Harris has a love of both drawing and painting. She thinks of her work as maps or environments, exploring the imperfect, fleeting changes between the natural and the man-made worlds we navigate on a daily basis.

There is nothing frugal about her paintings; instead, they are richly layered, sensually manipulated surfaces which seem to live and breathe. Concealing as much as they reveal, and weaving together gestural, energetic marks and fields of color, the opposing forces lure you in...inviting you to linger over painterly passages, to get lost between the lines, and just for a moment, to suspend thought in favor of feeling.

"My process lies somewhere between painting and drawing. I am equally passionate about both and I compose the work by creating patinas of color with custom mixed glazes, building areas that are worked in reverse by scratching, sanding or removing paint, playing transparent atmospheric passages against thick opaque shapes, then working in and out and weaving it all together with seemingly random lines and marks. It’s a very sensual and cathartic process, and losing and finding the work as it progresses is a delicate balancing act." - Krista Harris